Business Advising

Organizations in the midst of significant change count on IntoGreat Business Advising for expert strategy and skilled execution. We work closely with C-level executives both to craft smart plans and ensure seamless execution.

Our clients want to seek some additional wisdom to achieve their vision and make an impact.

We understand that the nature of your business, market position within your industry, company culture and management style combine to create unique circumstances. We carefully consider each variable as we develop customized approaches and solutions that meet your specific needs and empower your ability to make positive changes that are measurable and sustainable.

Let IntoGreat Management Partners help your organization devise and implement practical and effective plans and establish a culture of accountability where no one has to ask, “What’s next?”


IntoGreat Services


IntoGreat Business Advising:  We work closely with C-level executives to develop plans and execute successfully. Throughout the process, we ensure effective internal communication that helps everyone understand his or her unique and specific responsibilities to the organization. Our business advising services include:

  • Organizational structure analysis. We make sure your organization is aligned to achieve optimal results.
  • Talent Assessment. We ensure managers and employees are in positions that play to their strengths and deliver the highest and best value to your organization.
  • Team Development. We’ll make sure your management teams are collaborating to achieve positive, maximum impact. IntoGreat also facilitates meetings that help key stakeholders, executive staffs, internal teams and/or boards of directors manage more consistently and combine their skills more effectively.
  • Work Culture Development. We’ll help you build a work culture of accountability, recognition and reward.
  • Executive Hiring. We supplement your executive searches by working closely with hiring decision makers to evaluate lead candidates and determine whether they complement your organization’s unique work culture.

IntoGreat Evaluation  We custom develop and facilitate evaluations that help boards of directors effectively evaluate their chief executive officers and assist CEOs with evaluating their direct reports. IntoGreat Evaluation uses best business practices to provide exactly the right tools boards of directors and CEOs need to assess executive performance, provide constructive feedback, establish appropriate goals and timelines and validate compensation decisions. An IntoGreat Evaluation ensures every organization’s unique work culture and business circumstances are honored to help directors and CEOs maintain their legal and fiduciary responsibilities. We serve as the neutral facilitator of executive evaluations to help ensure a smooth, consistent and comprehensive process that reflects a range of opinions and recommendations clearly.


IntoGreat OnBoarding Companies typically invest significant sums to hire top talent and comparatively little to position those senior executives for success after they’ve been brought “on board.” So, it’s no surprise to us that industry studies show 40 percent of senior executives are not in those positions after 18 months. It is vitally important to the success of your organization to help new senior executives attain a solid sense of their purpose and value within the context of your unique work culture, mission and business goals. IntoGreat OnBoarding helps new senior executives acquire the knowledge and behaviors that help them adjust quickly and become effective leaders internally. We develop and facilitate custom processes that lead to better job performance, greater commitment to the organization, higher staff retention and more job satisfaction for everyone.


IntoGreat Executive Mentoring We work closely with executives, evaluating their professional performance to help ensure their growth and success. IntoGreat Executive Mentoring offers real-time feedback that gives executives immediate insight into the impact — positive and negative — they have in a variety of business situations. We provide on-the-ground, practical feedback and recommendations and leave the theory to management textbooks. We shadow meetings and events. We observe staff and board interaction. We listen — and look — beyond communication and presentation to help our clients become more effective leaders. We customize our mentoring services to meet an individual client’s unique needs.


IntoGreat Board Development  It’s imperative that individual board directors work effectively with each other and for the good of the organization to which they have legal and fiduciary responsibilities. IntoGreat Board Development focuses on every stage of a director’s board involvement — from orientation to the formal recognition and thanks extended at the end of a term. We also step in to devise and facilitate board retreats that are specially designed to meet our clients’ specific needs.