Leverage your top talent

With IntoGreat’s Evaluation Services, board chairs proactively evaluate the Chief Executive Officer’s performance and the health of the organization.

We custom develop and facilitate evaluations that enhance the effectiveness of the partnership between the executive and the board.

IntoGreat Evaluation uses best business practices to provide exactly the right tools board chairs and CEOs need to assess executive performance, provide constructive feedback, establish appropriate goals and timelines and validate compensation decisions. An IntoGreat Evaluation ensures every organization’s unique work culture and business circumstances are honored to help board chairs maintain their legal and fiduciary responsibilities. We serve as the neutral facilitator of executive evaluations to help ensure a smooth, consistent and comprehensive process that clearly reflects a range of opinions and recommendations.

We also assist CEOs with evaluating the performance of their direct reports.

We invite you to review IntoGreat’s full range of services and to contact us with questions.